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About Us

Welcome to the CAI-InnoTec Cybersecurity Journal. CAI and InnoTec are proud to introduce this weekly magazine of articles about all aspects of cybersecurity. The articles will range from informative, to cautionary, to instructive, to help you understand the complexities of information and communication technology security, the risks your organization faces, and the defensive practices you should perform.

Computer Aid, Inc.

Computer Aid, Inc. (CAI) is a global Information Technology (IT) application management and outsourcing firm focused on helping clients gain a competitive advantage through the effective use of IT. We operate on the belief that regardless of industry or size, customers are looking for IT solutions that result in reduced cost, reduced risk, improved business alignment, and increased capacity. Each of our offerings allows our customers to increase shareholder value and improve end-user satisfaction. We enable customers to concentrate on their core competencies while preserving control of their IT organizations.

For over 35 years, CAI has experienced continuous year-over-year growth. Today the company comprises more than 4,500 professionals. CAI has offices throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region, and industry expertise in government, manufacturing, insurance, utilities, hospitality, logistics, financial services, and pharmaceuticals.

CAI has international offices in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, India, and the Philippines. CAI maintains several Solution Centers to provide customers with the “virtual capacity” to quickly respond to development and maintenance requirements. An entire project team can be located at one or more Solution Centers in the United States; Manila, Philippines; Shanghai, China; and Bangalore, India. We also maintain partnerships with firms in Spain, Italy, Ukraine, Brazil, Japan, Taiwan, Chile, Malaysia, Colombia, Peru, Kuwait, and Ethiopia to further supplement CAI teams and take advantage of lower-cost resources.


InnoTec is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Entelgy Group specializing in cybersecurity, intelligence, and risk management. Founded in 2002, we employ over 350 highly qualified professionals worldwide that provide best-in-class security services backed by our Advanced Security Operations Center (SmartSOC).

Our experience and deep commitment are endorsed by over 250 clients, including major public organizations and top companies in Spain and the countries where we operate.

We are technologically independent and our security solutions have been designed with an integrated approach to protect all your organization assets. Specific needs of every business area are identified to provide flexible services that suit them.

InnoTec’s portfolio of products and tools has been fully developed by our R&D team. As part of our comprehensive view of cybersecurity, they add value to our service offering that is also backed by the strategic alliances that we have established with major manufacturers. We think that the security is a continuous process.

Our professional team’s knowledge and expertise cover the whole cybersecurity chain of value: identification, protection, detection, response, and recovery. We deliver these services from our SmartSOC, an Advanced Cyber-security Operations Center, where InnoTec’s multidisciplinary team works 24/7 with the best methodologies and tools to provide each customer with the necessary intelligence to identify their business’s opportunities, threats, and risks.

Intelligence as a Service. Services that make the difference.

Expertise combined with the most advanced technology:

  • Our SmartSOC combines intelligence and advanced technology to empower our team to deliver services and solutions that work against the threats that may affect your organization.
  • With the Red Team service we put ourselves in the shoes of the enemy to help you identify vulnerabilities that can be used to attack the assets of your organization.
  • Recognition and international collaboration. We work closely with leading cybersecurity excellence groups: CCN-CERT, INCIBE, ONU, OTAN, OEA/CICTE, FIRST, TERENA, ENISA, CCI, APWG
  • High qualification and talented. Our team is highly specialized, certified and has the highest qualifications in cybersecurity.