Thursday , February 22 2018
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Why Choosing Your App Store Is Important

Why choosing your app store is important: 700,000+ bad apps and 100,000+ developers have been kicked off the Google App Store. Apps on your mobile device are cool, entertaining, make life easier, and often all three. The downside is that apps can potentially gain access to your personal data and …

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The Face of “Smishing”–the New Phishing

Social Engineering isn’t victimless, and it doesn’t happen to just other people. You may have seen this Facebook video, a first-hand account of a victim’s experience at the sharp end of an emerging type of more sophisticated social engineering attack. The Royal Bank of Scotland’s own social media presence warns …

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Meltdown, Spectre Haunt Future Patch Availability

If you haven’t already come up to speed on what Meltdown and Spectre are, Vox has a summary of the problem. Whilst a previously unknown serious vulnerability is one thing, the impact in this case goes further. Windows systems will not receive patches unless and until a compatible antivirus software …

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Web Improvement Tools Accidentally Collecting Personal Data?

A Princeton research group has been investigating the potential privacy impact of web session recording and replay software, used to monitor the usability of websites and the effectiveness of layout changes or advertisements. Wired reports that, in effect, the researchers say software companies are “looking over your shoulder” as you …

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A timely reminder of the need to be aware of exactly what you’re signing up to with online services.  Many users of the free sharing service aligned with Microsoft’s Office 365 are discovering that documents they believed to be private are indexed and accessible through public search engines:

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