Thursday , February 22 2018

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Attack Research on Medical Imaging Devices

This paper from researchers at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev describes the results of research into the vulnerabilities and potential attack vectors of medical imaging systems. The authors conclude the following: Cyber-attacks on MIDs [medical imaging devices]will become a major challenge to device manufacturers and healthcare providers. We’ve seen …

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Why Choosing Your App Store Is Important

Why choosing your app store is important: 700,000+ bad apps and 100,000+ developers have been kicked off the Google App Store. Apps on your mobile device are cool, entertaining, make life easier, and often all three. The downside is that apps can potentially gain access to your personal data and …

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Data Breach Victims May Claim without Proof of Harm?

In 2014, UK supermarket chain Wm Morrison suffered a data breach when Andrew Skelton, an internal auditor, published around 100,000 employees’ personal data–including names, addresses, and bank details to the Internet. Skelton was handed an eight-year jail term for fraud in 2015  at which time the police commented that “in …

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The Cloud Is Not a Panacea: What Is YOUR Doomsday Plan?

There are plenty of good reasons for using cloud services as part of your IT solution. Flexibility, scalability, revenue spend rather than capital cost, shared experience and support with other users, a larger pool of users finding bugs… the list goes on. Cloud service providers put a lot of investment, …

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The Face of “Smishing”–the New Phishing

Social Engineering isn’t victimless, and it doesn’t happen to just other people. You may have seen this Facebook video, a first-hand account of a victim’s experience at the sharp end of an emerging type of more sophisticated social engineering attack. The Royal Bank of Scotland’s own social media presence warns …

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